Not Just Kapil Sharma, Here are 5 Other Bollywood Celebrities Who Lost Their Cool in Public

Bollywood celebrities have often come into the public glare due to their controversial interactions with the media persons. The internet is full of such examples where B-Town stars lost their cool, without caring about the clicking cameras while doing so. The latest example is that of comedian-actor Kapil Sharma, who ended up lashing out at paparazzi, inviting criticism.

Kapil has been injured and was seen arriving on a wheel-chair at the Mumbai airport. As the paparazzi rushed to take his shots, he reprimanded them, asking them to move out of his way. He also ended up swearing in Hindi, which left the photographers fuming.

Earlier too, celebs were seen getting into an argument with journalists on the field. Here are a few examples:

Jaya Bachchan –The 2013 incident is infamous when the veteran actress lashed out at the media for referring to actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as ‘Aish’. Jaya reprimanded the media for her daughter-in-law, saying, “Aish kya hota hai? Is she your school friend?”

Deepika Padukone –The star lost her cool when a publication posted a photo and a comment about her “cleavage”. Deepika ended up having a public tiff with the publication through a series of tweets. When her stand was termed as “petty” by a female journalist at an event, an angry Deepika said, “You have no idea what you are saying right now. I’m already very upset and you are making me even more upset.”

Hrithik Roshan –The Greek God of tinsel town was in no mood to get clicked during his visit to Shirdi before the release of his film, Kites. He refused to pose for the pictures but on not getting cooperated by the paparazzi, he ended up in a physical fight with a cameraman.

Ranbir Kapoor –The star has been once been in a public fight with paparazzi while exiting Olive Bistro in Bandstand. He ended up getting into a tussle with the camera persons, so much so, that he snatched the guy’s cell phone in the process.

Salman Khan –The superstar has often faced straightforward questions by the media. However, there was this one time when he could not take the allegations on him regarding his brand Being Human being a PR exercise to cover up his controversial past. He lashed out at the journalists, saying, “Do you have any idea of the amount of work we do at Being Human? We do sh*t loads of work on a daily basis. I haven’t even put my name there, man. I’m not even on the Board, or any of the trustees. You have no idea, man. Do one thing: Come and live my life for one day.”

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